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Do you need help with the process of managing your people, but cannot justify employing a full time personnel specialist? Do you have a tricky employment problem that you’d like to resolve without ending up in an employment tribunal? Do you need to either expand or shrink your workforce but are too busy with ‘doing the day job’ to spend a lot of time on this? You’ve come to the right place.


sjHResources provides a bespoke human resource consultancy service to small and medium sized businesses in the East of England. Based on the Suffolk/Essex border, we can help your business with all aspects of Human Resource Management, everything from the start of the employment relationship to its end. We help you ensure your business gets the most out of its people and that you keep within UK employment law, and we do this at a price you can afford.


We can give your business hands on help with employing people, with managing employee performance and with developing and training your workforce.

employing people


We can help with the practical issues of everything from the start of the employment relationship to its end. We can help with your recruitment, from helping you decide what sort of person you need and then finding the right person for that role. We can write employment contracts, policies and handbooks that suit your business needs and also keep you up to date with the law. If you unfortunately have to let people go we can also help you do that; you can talk to us about any dismissal or redundancy situation you have with complete confidentiality.

people performance


 Small and even medium sized businesses often struggle with managing poor performance, which can take up a lot of time that you could better use just doing what you're in business for. We can help you both with individual cases and with setting up systems such as appraisal and reward which can form the backbone of a simple but effective performance management system. We also specialise in independent investigations and mediation, as recommended in the recently changed discipline and grievance procedures in the ACAS good practice guidelines, as recognised by Employment Tribunals.

people development



 We can help you with developing and training your employees by delivering bespoke training programmes, providing one to one coaching or helping you source particular training for individuals. In recent times there has been much interest in our managaging in difficult times workshops for supervisors and line managers. We have lots of experience of building effective teams, especially after they have gone through a difficult period. And we are licensed to provide the Fresh Steps personal development programme designed by the internationally renowned Springboard Consultancy, aimed specifically at older employees.